Will Range Extension & Smart Tail (REST kit) be a Game Changer for IAF?

REST kit is a modular solution that includes a smart tail for navigation and guidance, and upper wings for range extension. The smart tail houses Inertial navigation system & GPS navigation computer and anti jamming system. The upper wings are an aerodynamic super structure embracing the warhead with too wings that are unfolded upon release.

The REST kit provides all weather pinpoint ‘fire and forget’ capability to ranges of up to 120km and is capable of a steep impact angle for enhanced penetration of hard targets.

The REST kit enables weapon system integration onboard any aircraft without avionic changes and is compatible with a range of warheads and fuses.

The REST kit is part of Elbit Systems diverse portfolio of Air to Surface munitions, if Indian Airforce went for deal of Rest Kit, it would certainly boost Indian Airforce combat capability and also boost IAF’s weapons lethality when combined with Rest Kit in future.

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