Why Indian Navy Needs Third Aircraft Carrier INS Vishal?

INS Vishal : India will soon bolster its naval capabilities as the INS Vikrant is prepared to be commissioned into the Indian Navy on the country’s Independence Day after successfully completing its fourth round of sea testing. India’s largest indigenous warship, code-named IAC-1, is 44,000 tons in weight. The INS Vikrant was built by Cochin Shipyard Limited, a public sector shipyard that is under the Ministry of Shipping, and was designed by the Directorate of Naval Design of the Indian Navy.

As of right now, India only possesses one aircraft carrier, the INS Vikramaditya. It has Russian roots. Another topic of conversation is the requirement for a third aircraft carrier. It is stated that while one is getting maintenance, the third carrier can make sure that two are always prepared for fight. According to reports, the Indian Navy has prepared the layout for IAC-2 or INS Vishal, a second indigenously built aircraft carrier. According to the Navy, a third aircraft carrier is essential for operations.

We only have one aircraft carrier at the moment. In terms of air power at sea and consequently air defence & air superiority in the Indian Ocean, any maintenance will make it unavailable. For the protection of both the Eastern and Western seaboards, India requires two operable carriers at all times. The replacements must therefore be constructed well in advance of any of the three carriers’ service life expiration.

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