Two Prototype of Mach 3 Capable Glidefire SSM for Navy

The Indian government intends to approve the Glidefire Surface-to-Surface Missile through its Industry-Funded Make-2 programme, in which no government funds will be given for prototype development. Targeting enemy ships and ground targets with Glidefire SSM is meant to be lightweight, modular, and affordable.

The missile would employ hybrid propulsion to reach a top speed of at least 3704 km/h, or Mach 2.9 in the terminal phase, and special controllable surfaces to engage enemy targets precisely at long ranges of up to 180 km.

The existing Universal Vertical Launcher installed on Indian Navy Ships as well as a modular, scalable launcher are both to be used to fire the Glidefire SSM.

The Fire Control System, Launcher, Connectors, Cables, and interface with ship-borne systems are some of the systems connected to the armament complex. The Glidefire SSM must contain 50% indigenous material in accordance with Defense Acquisition Procedure 2020. The Navy intends to purchase 115 Glidefire SSMs and a total of eight prototypes.

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