Tracked Vs Wheeled APCs : Which is Better for India?

Armoured Personnel Carriers are vehicles explicitly used to transport army personnel in battle areas. Tracked APCs have conveyor belts around the wheels for easy movement. They are less prone to punctures due to an extra layer of protection and are generally seen as more durable than their wheeled counterparts.

Due to the rigid structure of the conveyor belts, tracked APCs are harder to manoeuvre. However, these vehicles serve as excellent support when battlefields are on rougher terrain. Comparatively, wheeled APCs are easier to manoeuvre. They are more useful for movement in civilian areas where there may be many turns in the terrain. Due to their more straightforward structure, maintenance costs for wheeled APCs are lower. They also experience lesser technical issues than tracked APCs.

As for deciding the better one of the too in In Indian Context, Our northern borders are rockier and more challenging terrain with many mountainous slopes. In such a situation, tracked APCs serve as a better alternative during conflicts. With their durability and ability to move in diverse terrain, tracked APCs can last longer against the enemy.

However, things are different in the civilian areas of Kashmir and the forest regions of Chhattisgarh and Odisha, requiring a vehicle with easier manoeuvrability. Especially in the Naxal bound forest areas, stealth is an essential tool. Due to this, wheeled APCs serve a better purpose there.

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