The Indian Army has resumed purchasing of Air Defense Guns

The plan calls for the purchase of 220 towed Air Defence cannons and roughly 1,42000 rounds of ammunition, according to a request for proposals released by the Ministry of Defense on October 8.

According to the RFP, the Air Defence gun shouldn’t weigh more than seven tonnes when it’s in a firing position. The system must have an automatic ammunition handling system or autoloader, and the barrel elevation must range from -5 to +80 degrees.

Maximum of four persons should operate the gun while it is being towed by operational gun tractors equipped to go over any terrain, including mountainous terrain. Additionally, it must to be able to operate in hot conditions. The gun must be capable of independently utilising both the electro optical fire control system and the army’s fire control radar to attack air targets both during the day and at night.

With a cyclic rate of fire of 220 rounds per minute, the cannon should be capable of engaging the full range of manned and unmanned aerial threats at a distance of 4000 metres and a height of more than 2500 metres.

The RFP also specifies that the gun must be manufactured in India under the Bye and Make Indian procurement category. Foreign bidders were asked in the RFP to detail how they would meet the Make in India requirements in their bids.

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