Tejas MK1A Flying Testbed faces minor delays

After missing the original March target, the Tejas Mk1A Flying Test Bed with improvements, scheduled to make its first flight in June, has now been further postponed. The first of the two FTB aircraft will accomplish its first flight in the coming weeks despite delays in the supply of crucial components from abroad.

As a Flying Test Bed for the Mk1A programme, which will see significant modifications to its components, systems, and combat capabilities, HAL has planned to employ Two Tejas Mk1 aircraft.

The production line has now turned to producing 18 twin-seat Tejas Mk1 aircraft, which the Indian Air Force had originally ordered, after HAL finished producing 32 single-seat Tejas Mk1 aircraft.

HAL has agreed to begin Tejas Mk1A aircraft deliveries in March 2024 to 2028, when the production line will switch to the Tejas Mk2 model.

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