SWiFT to ISUAV: ADE to request funding from the government

The Stealth Wing Flying Testbed (SWiFT), created by the Aeronautical Construction Establishment (ADE), just completed its first flight, validating a lot of the technology that would be used in the near future for the development of an Indian Strike Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (ISUAV).

To evaluate many of the technologies, ADE intends 10 further test flights of the SWiFT, some without the tail that was visible in the maiden flight. A detailed proposal for the development of an ISUAV that will be powered by a Dry Kaveri engine generating a 46kN class of thrust and go into production starting in 2026 will be started by ADE after all flight tests associated with SWiFT have been completed. GTRE expects to complete certification of this engine by 2024.

ISUAV will become a reality by 2030 if ADE and the Indian Air Force (IAF) can come to an agreement on a configuration. The ISUAV will be able to carry a respectable internal payload of 1–1.5 tons and cruise at high subsonic speeds close to Mach values with a 46kN Dry Kaveri engine. Its wingspan will be greater than Tejas Mk1A’s.


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