Solar Group’s EEL Ltd To Develop ‘Himars’ Like Rocket System for Army

A commercial Indian defence equipment maker has proposed creating a multiple rocket launcher system called the “High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)” that is similar to those employed by the US army. The HIMARS has gained attention after it was used by Ukrainian forces in the recent Russo-Ukrainian war, which decisively shifted the momentum and turned the tide in Ukraine’s favour in the conflict with Russia. The HIMARS is the only system like it in Russia.

The M142 HIMARS’s maker, Lockheed Martin, refers to its “shot and scoot” capability by describing it as a highly mobile weapons system that can fire and escape quickly, decreasing the likelihood of being targeted by the enemy.

Economic Explosive Ltd. of the Solar Group has offered the MoD a rocket system similar to HIMARS that will only be able to carry one pod. The system’s surface-to-surface rocket will have a 250 km range. The enhanced Prahaar solid-fuel road-mobile tactical ballistic missile, now known as Pranash by the DRDO, may be used by the MBRL. Significantly, the missile is driven by a single-stage solid propellant motor and is intended to carry a conventional high explosive payload or clustered munition. This missile has a noticeably better reaction time than liquid-fueled missiles and can be launched in as little as 2-3 minutes without any prior preparation.

The Pranash tactical weapon system is being designed to offer a low-cost, quick-response, all-weather, all-terrain, and highly accurate combat support weapon system.

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