Skye Air Mobility revealed Long Range UAV Artemis

Drone delivery logistics firm Skye Air Mobility revealed its Long Range UAV Artemis, at the Air Cargo India event, which kicked off here on Tuesday. The UAV, which is aimed at intra- and inter-city as well as inter-cargo operations, is three times faster than multi-rotors, according to the manufacturer, and has a 90-minute endurance.

It claims that the new UAV, which has a 6-kg payload capacity and a 100-kilometer range, has the country’s widest wingspan electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL). According to Skye Air Mobility, the company’s new flagship product is ideally suited for several business verticals like as healthcare, e-commerce, and agri-commodity distribution. “Since mid-2021, we’ve been working on Artemis.

Finally, we are pleased to present a technology that has the potential to transform the air cargo delivery scene. We felt it was an ideal opportunity to display the UAV, further adding to our skills, because industries are well adopting drone technology,” Skye Air Mobility CEO Ankit Kumar said during the event. He added that the existing logistics system is slow and heavily reliant on manpower at various levels, and that Artemis will be used for all inter-city and long-distance deliveries.

“Furthermore, we are confident that drone delivery will bring major change by allowing for faster deliveries, lower costs, and increased accessibility to regions that are difficult to reach by road or have no connectivity at all,” Kumar added. According to Skye Air, businesses in a variety of industries have begun to recognise the advantages of adopting drones into their operations, such as cost reductions, time savings, and technological advancements.

According to Kumar, the company has served a variety of verticals, including healthcare (vaccines, medicine, and diagnostic samples), e-commerce and quick-commerce, agri-commodity, and disaster relief aid.

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