Safran MRO & Military Engine Facility To Take Wing By 2025

Safran has chosen to build a $150 million aviation engine Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility in Hyderabad. It will be the largest French aerospace facility in the world, employ up to 1000 people, and go into service in 2025.

At the opening of Safran Aircraft Engines and Safran Electrical & Power plants in the GMR Aerospace and Industrial Park close to the international airport, Group CEO Olivier Andries stated, “By building our largest maintenance and repair centre for commercial engines, Safran is also paving the way to expand its MRO activities in India to military engines.”

Safran intends to build a 35,000 square metre MRO with a test bed close to the airport. The plant is anticipated to be able to restore the performance of 300 engines annually by 2030–2035 and to employ up to 1,000 workers.
Leap 1A and Leap 1B CFM LEAP engines are serviced at the MRO facility. Safran intends to reserve some space at the MRO for the M88 engine, which powers Rafale fighter jets, for repair of military engines.

Hyderabad To Expand Safran

Safran also announced the foundation of Digit, an internal organisation tasked with creating systems for the group’s digital transition. The primary facilities, with 1,000 employees over the next five years, will be located in Hyderabad and Mumbai, 800 of them will be employed for this centre.

The 15,000 square metre Safran Aircraft Engines factory will produce rotating components for the LEAP engine. There will be 275 workers there. In November 2018, Safran Electrical & Power constructed a factory to produce wiring for LEAP engines and the Rafale fighter jets, with the intention of increasing the workforce from 150 to 200.
The French Group will invest $200 million over seven years, through 2025, which includes the plant for Safran HAL Aircraft Engines in Bengaluru, which will be officially opened on Friday.

The support of the Telangana government, favourable laws, the availability of talent, and most crucially, the environment created for the aviation industry, all played a role in the choice to expand operations in Hyderabad. According to the senior executives of Safran, out of ten cities for the MRO, including Bengaluru, New Delhi, and Noida, Hyderabad was chosen by Safran.

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