Russia offering Super Astra Secrets for Sukhoi-57 Order

Russia asking India for Sukhoi-57 Export Order then only they can do a Joint Venture with India for the Future Super Astra Air to Air Missiles. Russia has promised to share secrets for next generation, more dangerous having longer range than 160 to 300 plus kilometers Precision Guided Astra Missile development for Indian Airforce & Its next generation fighters fleet like AMCA & TEDBF, A missile that cannot be intercepted by China or Pakistan but for this to happen, Russia is seeking Indian support in Sukhoi-57 Export.

In Past also Russia helped India in a development of Brahmos Hypersonic Missile, that is also a joint venture between India & Russia that is based on Russian P-800 Oniks supersonic anti ship cruise missile.

Recently we have seen, Pakistani Air Defence system was completely unaware of Indian Brahmos entering its Airspace, they were not able to intercept Brahmos, Russia is saying if India helps Russia then Russia will share know how for next generation most lethal Super Astra Missile that Pakistan & China cannot even think of intercepting even in dreams.

Russia & India already has Brahmos Missile Manufacturing Plant In India, Similarly, Next Generation Super Astra missile manufacturing unit can be setup in India for development of lethal Missiles for their Airforce.

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