Rolls-Royce vs Safran race for 110kN AMCA Engines in India

While negotiations with French aerospace engine giant Safran may be going well, British engine producer Rolls-Royce is also seeking a deal to codevelop a 110 kilo newtons class thurst engine with India. The negotiations with India is still in the running with both potential partners still not out of the race.

Along with other areas of compensation, negotiations with Safran over workshare agreements and other specifics have been thoroughly examined. Some of the agreed-upon conditions included having the engine made in India and giving India the right to intellectual property rights that would allow for unlimited exports of the engine to other nations.

The majority of the afore mentioned factors are covered by the Rolls Royce roadmap that India has been supplied, however both businesses have set 4–5 requirements that prevent India from declaring a winner.

The new 110Kn engine will offer features like a super cruise without afterburning, a minimal IR signature, exceptional fuel efficiency, and Mach 1.8 top speeds among others. The US-made F-414 engine is anticipated to power AMCA prototypes.

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