Rollout of Atags based Mounted Artillery Gun System in 2023

The Indian Army-mandated Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (Atags), which was produced domestically, has passed all user trials. In the following two months, it will also pass environmental tests, which don’t test the gun system but examine the effects of the weather outside. The Indian Army will soon put orders for 150 guns, but the Mounted Artillery Gun System based in Atags, which is currently undergoing integration, may be the next big thing to be released in 2023.

The Tetra 8×8 terrain vehicle, which will have a new armoured driver cabin, will serve as the foundation for the mounting artillery gun system. A 155mm/52 calibre gun system mounted on an 8×8 terrain vehicle and a 155mm/39 calibre Ultra Light Howitzer gun system installed on a 4×2 truck are the two Mounted Artillery Gun Systems that the Indian Army is planning to introduce.

Mounting all-steel trucks The Indian Army has already received the Mounted Artillery Gun (MArG) 155 mm/39 calibre Ultra-Light Howitzer (ULH) designated TC-20 for trials, and shortly there will be limited induction on this front as well.

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