Rafale or F-18 will be Interim, TEDBF is Future, MiG-29k to be Retired Soon

For its aircraft carrier operations, the Indian Navy needs fighter planes, therefore it has tested the French Rafale and American F-18 aircraft.

The Navy Vice Chief Admiral SN Ghormade stated that testing of the American and French aircraft had been conducted to determine their suitability for aircraft carrier operations during a press conference on indigenization in the Navy.

“Rafale and Boeing F-18 have undergone tests to demonstrate their ability to fly from aircraft carriers. Indigenization is what we’re after. Although it will take some time, we have a plan for a Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) aircraft. By the time that domestic project is completed, we want to purchase aeroplanes from international suppliers through an intergovernmental agreement ” he said.

The Defense Research and Development Organization is working on the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF), an upgraded variant of the Naval Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), TEJAS.

The Navy’s initial plans to purchase 57 fighters under the plan to purchase aircraft from foreign sources have been reduced by more than half.

The Navy Chief responded to a question on when the Indian Navy would be able to manufacture conventional submarines on its own by saying, “Here, we want to promote indigenization. The goal is to create certain capabilities in this area and future indigenization capabilities.”

Regarding Project 75 India’s current state, Ghormade stated, “We are continuing with it.

Project 75 India, a Rs 60,000 crore project, has intentions to develop six contemporary conventional submarines for the Indian Navy.


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