Rafale FTB For AMCA, Electric Hansa-NG, 110kN Engine for AMCA

Rafale FTB(Flying Testbed) for testing AMCA Engine

A Rafale FTB (Flying Testbed) engine trial is expected to begin in 2028, according to Safran GTRE, an Indian Gas Turbine Research Establishment, a DRDO Lab, and a French multinational aircraft engine manufacturer. By the end of this month, Safran will have finalised a joint venture agreement for the development of a new high thrust 110 kilo Newton engine for the AMCA programme, with a flight-ready engine expected by 2028 for trials onboard a Dassault Rafale fighter jet that could serve as a Flying Test Bed for the new engine.

Before a new engine with an enhanced core can enter operational service, it must undergo 10,000 hours of bench testing and 5000 to 6000 hours of in-flight testing to verify it is exceptionally reliable. The first modified core will be ready for testing without an afterburner portion on the bench in 3 to 4 years.

After completing flight tests in the Dassault Rafale in a twin engine configuration, Safran & GTRE may test the engine in one of the AMCA prototypes to gradually incorporate further improvements aimed at extending the engine’s service life and further reducing fuel consumption by 2035 before it is cleared for integration into the first batch of AMCA Mk2 jets.

NAL has ideas for an all-electric vehicle

The CSIR and Bengaluru’s National Aerospace Laboratories are working on an all-electric version of India’s indigenous flying trainer aircraft, the Hansa New Generation. Hansa-NG Electric is designed for advanced training and professional flight training missions. Hansa-NG Electric will necessitate the creation of a high-capacity, intelligent electric motor and battery pack.

Hansa-NG will be completely electric, resulting in cheaper running costs, zero CO2 emissions, and less noise. Hansa-NG is stated to be powered by a Rotax Digital Control Engine and has unique characteristics such as a Just In Time Prepreg Composite lightweight Airframe, a Glass Cockpit, a Bubble Canopy with a wide panoramic view, and electrically actuated flaps, among others.


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