Philippines Sends 1st Batch Of Soldiers To India To Receive Training On BrahMos Missiles

The Philippines on Wednesday held the send-off ceremony for its first batch of military personnel who would get training on the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile systems in India, said Government officials, according to ANI. Just earlier this year, the Philippines had accepted BrahMos Aerospace’s export-order proposal to provide supersonic cruise missiles for its navy.

The major deal worth $374.9 million was communicated to India through a Notice of Award by the Philippines Department of National Defence, signed by Secretary Delfinn Lorenzana. The order directed BrahMos Aerospace to provide the supply of the Shore-based Anti-ship Missile System within ten calendar days of receiving the order.

The deal is said to be PM Modi government’s major step forward to push defence exports. As per ANI, for the past few months, DRDO and BrahMos Aerospace have been jointly pushing hard for the export deal to friendly foreign nations. It is to mention that the BrahMos supersonic missile is produced by an Indo-Russian joint venture and can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft or land.

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