New F414 GE-400 engines for AMCA Mk1 & Tejas Mk2 Batch

From 2024–2025, a new version of the American afterburning turbofan F414 GE–400 engines will be available for the fleet of F-18 Super Hornets operated by the United States. This engine can produce 116 kilo Newton class of thrust, significantly more than its current predecessor F414 INS6, which produces only 98 kilo Newton thrust and the same will be made accessible for all current F414 powered jet operators in a plug-and-play configuration without the requirement for any modifications to the air intake or the lower rear fuselage of the aircraft or its engine bay.

At the US Navy’s request, GE Sales representatives presented the new engine model to Indian officials in 2021; this variation will be made available to all potential customers. In order to equip the first few Tejas Mk2 and AMCA prototypes that will be utilised for developmental flight trials, India had already placed orders for 99 414 INS6 engines to be used for the Tejas Mk2 programme. Initially, 12 units had been delivered to India.

According to GE, the F414 GE-400 engine might be a great choice for aircraft like the next-generation AMCA since it uses less fuel, has more bleed air for avionics cooling, and extracts twice as much horsepower for electrical growth.

India had intended to equip the first two squadrons with an F414 INS6 engine and the remaining five squadrons with a new engine class that would be jointly developed by India and France and would have an output of 110 to 120 kilonewtons. For the time being, it is only an idea, and it is very likely that all AMCA fighter jet prototypes will be powered by F414 INS6 engines. This will provide enough information to determine whether switching to F414 GE-400 engines for the AMCA Mk1’s production variant will improve the jet’s combat capabilities, as this jet will begin production in 2029 or 2030 and won’t switch to the new Indo-French engines until sometime after 2040.

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