Navy should use wisdom & not follow the IAF this time in the Rafale M vs F-18 battle

Rafale M vs F-18 : The Indian Navy will choose the following deck-based fighter aircraft in the next two months, which will operate from the decks of the Russian-built INS Vikramaditya and the Indian ship INS Vikrant. Both the Rafale M and the F-18 were observed conducting experiments from the INS Hansa facility in Goa, where each aircraft displayed numerous payloads over the course of two weeks, all while being closely observed by the Naval Team assigned to oversee the trials.

Due to the Indian Air Force’s purchase of the Rafale, Dassault can undoubtedly assert that it has the upper hand among jet manufacturers, but it is now important for the Navy to be cautious when making purchases following serious problems with the Mig-29K fleet that it acquired due to the Mig-29K’s easy availability to the Air Force.

The Navy has a history of utilising existing air force aircraft fleets, but it’s crucial that this time it chooses the upcoming fighter jets for its aircraft carrier base that will suit its operational needs until TEDBF is ready.

Learning from LCA Navy to Mig-29K, the Navy’s requirements were taken into consideration during the design and development of TEDBF, and this should continue as the Navy chooses between the Rafale M and the F-18 Hornets.

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