Meet Captain Abhilasha Barak, the Army’s first female combat pilot

Captain Abhilasha Barak made history when she joined the Army Aviation Corps as a Combat Aviator for the first time. On Wednesday, the news was published on the Additional Directorate General of Public Information, IHQ of the Ministry of Defense Army’s official social media website. Captain Barak’s accomplishment has been dubbed a “Golden Letter Day” in Indian Army Aviation history.

Captain Barak, along with 36 other Army pilots, was granted the Coveted Wings after successfully completing her training, according to the article. The Instagram post also includes a collection of photos from the ceremony. “Golden letter day in the history of Indian Army aviation,” stated the note attached to the social media post. After successfully completing training, Captain Abhilasha Barak becomes the first woman officer to join the Army Aviation Corps as a Combat Aviator.” Director General and Colonel Commandant Army Aviation presented Captain Abhilasha Barak the Coveted Wings, together with 36 other Army Pilots.

It stated that “young aviators are now ready to spread their wings in Combat Aviation Squadrons.” According to the official website, the Army Aviation arm of the Royal Air Force was established in India in 1942. The first Indian Air Observation Post-flight, however, was not established until August 1947. The Army Aviation Corps was founded on November 1, 1986, in specifically. The Corps was “immediately inducted into Operation Pawan,” which was described as a “crucial test” for the newly established Corps.

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