Local production agreement in Egypt and no Russian components in LCA

Since there are no Russian parts in LCA other than one that comes from Ukraine and we have a backup source available, this shouldn’t have an impact on LCA production, according to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Chairman and Managing Director R Madhavan. Since there are no Russian parts in LCA Tejas, we shouldn’t be concerned about it.

According to Madhavan, the LCA Tejas Mk1A delivery won’t begin until 2024 and would be finished in the following six years. Additionally, he stated that 5 percent of earnings are now allocated to design and indigenization projects, allowing for the annual indigenization of many products that are imported for LCA Tejas in order to satisfy indigenization goals and reduce reliance on foreign sources for any of these components.

Madhavan confirmed that LCA Tejas jets have been offered to Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Egypt. Local production in Egypt has been done with the hope that it will attract customers from Middle Eastern and North African nations who are also interested in jets but in smaller numbers, and Egyptian facilities may be used to satisfy such demands for this region.

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