LCA Mk2 Interim For AMCA , RFI For PMVs, 12 Swathi Radar Order, Make India MRFA

IAF Chief finally backs the LCA Mk2 Interim For AMCA Program

Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari has said that the air force is looking to argument its fighter fleet capabilities with the induction of 83 Tejas Mk1A aircraft, a contract for which was signed last year and plans to induct them from next year and is fully backing the AMCA program, but for the interim period will also be procuring LCA Mk2.

This is possibly the first time, Air chief has spoken about IAF inducting LCA Mk2 after he assumed office in September 2021. In all his previous media interactions he had skipped mentioning procurement of the LCA Mk2, due to a tug of war that has been going gone within the air force, where one dominant section is supporting the AMCA program over the LCA Mk2 program.

IAF originally planned to procure 200 LCA Mk2, but now this might be cut down from the original requirement by half and instead, the focus will be shifted to procuring 7 squadrons of AMCA and six squadrons of MRFA to build up declining fighter fleet numbers in the next 15 to 20 years. LCA Mk2 rollout has been planned for later this year or it will most likely happen in early next year, with the first flight being planned by end of 2023 or in early 2024.

Indian Army issues RFI for 1200 Protected Mobility Vehicle

A request for information for the procurement of 700 units of Protected Mobility Vehicle for deployment below 4000 metre and 500 units of Protected Mobility Vehicle for the deployment above 4000 metre have been recently issued by the Indian Army.

The Protected Mobility Vehicle should be a wheeled, 4×4 drive mode vehicle with an automatic transmission, with a Power to Weight Ratio not less than 20 Horse Power per ton, with a payload of 2 tons, for Low altitude variant and a Power to Weight Ratio not less than 27 Horse power per ton, with a payload of 2 tons for high altitude variant.

RFI specifies that Protected Mobility Vehicle Should have minimum STANAG Level-IIB for Kinetic Energy threat and protection from Grenade and Mine blasts, and have a maximum speed of 80 kilometers per hour on road and 40 Kilometers per hour on cross country.

Protected Mobility Vehicle should have a minimum of 11 firing ports and a 360 degree rotation turret on the roof for 7.62mm LMG and the Kerb Weight of the Protected Mobility Vehicle on offer should not be more than 14 tons.

Indian Army to buy 12 more Made in India ‘Swathi’ weapon locating radars for China border

In a major boost for the Indian Army on the China front, the force has put up a proposal to the defence ministry for buying 12 Swathi weapon locating radars developed by DRDO. The Indian Army has initiated this proposal worth around Rs 1,000 crore.

Swathi Radar

The weapon locating radars developed by the DRDO and built by Bharat Electronics Limited had achieved major success and were supplied to Armenia as well. Swathi weapon locating radars provide fast, automatic, and accurate location of enemy weapons like mortars, shells and rockets within 50 kilometre range.

The radars can simultaneously detect multiple projectiles fired from different weapons at different locations. The Indian Army has been using the radars for its operations along the Line of Control in Jammu & Kashmir.

8 Companies have responded to MRFA Tender: IAF Chief

Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari has said that the air force, in response to the request for information, for procurement of 114 jets under MRFA Tender has been offered fighter jets from 8 Manufacturers including American, Russians, Swedish & French Companies, and the air force is in the process of framing Request for Proposal soon.

Chief confirmed that the Indian Air Force would prefer to take the ‘Bye Global Make in India’ routes over the strategic partnership policy model to produce the planes within the country just like how the C-295 deal with Airbus will be executed with the Tata Systems in India.

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