ITBP follows the Army in acquiring AK-203 rifles to replace its existing weaponry

Following the Army’s acquisition of the AK-203 assault rifle, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) is replacing its existing weaponry with the new Russian-designed weapon. The AK-203, which will be licensed-manufactured in India, will replace the INSAS rifles that have been in service with the armed forces and central armed police forces (CAPFs) for over two decades.

“A procurement meeting was convened at the ITBP headquarters a few days ago to discuss the acquisition of the AK-203 rifles,” a senior officer claimed. “Being a border guarding force that is deployed in vital areas alongside the Army, both forces require the same type of weapons and tactical equipment for logistical and interoperability reasons,” he noted.

Officers claim that ammunition supply is a big factor. Border patrol forces are allowed to purchase and store a specific amount of ammunition. Aside from that, the Army will provide ammunition to them during operations or actual wars. Maintenance, repair, and spare parts are important technical considerations. The INSAS uses 5.56 mm ammunition, while the AK-203 uses 7.62 mm. Many armed forces throughout the world are moving back to the larger 7.62 mm calibre after years of utilising the 5.56 mm cartridge due to its higher kill probability and longer range.

The AK-203 is the latest variant of the Soviet/Russian AK family of assault rifles, which began with the ubiquitous AK-47 and saw a slew of variants and models. India and Russia have agreed to buy 6.7 lakh AK-203 assault rifles. The first 70,000 firearms were ordered and delivered directly from Russia in January of this year. Under a technology transfer agreement, the remaining quantity will be licensed-produced in Amethi by a joint venture firm, Indo-Russia Rifles Private Limited.

Production will continue to meet the demands of the armed services and CAPFs. According to ITBP sources, the antique British origin 9 mm carbine in service, which dates back to the 1950s, is to be completely replaced with the Italian Beretta X-4 9 mm carbine, which is already in use with the CAPFs in small numbers. A carbine is a short-range, fully automatic weapon designed for personal defence, close combat, and restricted space activities. “This problem is currently being reconsidered. “Instead of Berettas, the force may get more AK-203s,” an officer stated.

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