INS Gomati Guided Missile Frigate to be decommissioned soon

On May 28, the INS Gomati, the last of the Godavari Class Guided Missile Frigates, will be decommissioned. This comes after 34 years of dedicated devotion to the country. Godavari class frigates were planned wholly by the Directorate of Naval Design of the Indian Navy and built fully by MDL.

The third of the indigenously built ‘Godavari’ class guided missile frigates, the Indian Naval Ship Gomati, was commissioned into the Indian Navy on April 16, 1988. The vessel has a displacement of 4,200 tonnes, a length of 125 metres, a beam of 14.5 metres, and a top speed of 27 knots. The ship has a crew of 30 officers and 280 sailors and is equipped with anti-aircraft guns, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, and torpedo launchers.

The ship is equipped with a wide range of sensors that cover all aspects of maritime combat. The ship can also operate UAVs in addition to Seaking, ALH, and Chetak helicopters. The ship may now execute a wide range of tasks, including coastal and offshore patrolling, surveillance of Sea Lines of Communication, maritime diplomacy, counter-terrorism, and anti-piracy operations.

The name ‘Gomati’ comes from a well-known river in North India that runs from Gomati Tal in Pilibhit to its confluence with the Ganga in Uttar Pradesh. The ship’s motto, ‘Success is Born Action,’ represents not only the strong river’s dynamism and vigour, but also the dynamic and ‘Never Say Die’ attitude.

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