India’s ULUAV Submarine Launched UAV Project, HAL Offers Ejection Seat to Arjentina

India has issued an expression of interest for the development of an submarine launched UAV

The Indian Ministry of Defence has issued an Expression of Interest to Indian industrial partners for the development of underwater launched unmanned aerial vehicles under the Technology Development Fund (TDF) Scheme. The TDF project will shortly be accepting Expressions of Interest applications, with a deadline of June 26, 2022.

The ULUAV project appears to be aimed towards India’s underwater watercraft fleet. The Switchblade loitering munition, or suicide drone, developed by the ULUAV project may be launched from both submerged submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles.

In its nose, ULUAV will have both electro optical and infrared sensors that have been miniaturised. It’s unknown whether the submarine will also have an unarmed drone to help with sensing, communication, and cyber security. A reconnaissance variant with electro optic capability and trustworthy target solution analysis for discrete surveillance could also be considered.

India would offer Russian and American seats for Tejas Mk1A as Argentina analyses the JF-17

A delegation of pilots and experts from the Argentine Air Force visited China to assess the capabilities of the JF-17 Thunder, one of the primary contenders to supply the Argentine Air Force. The Argentinian delegation went through several levels of technical evaluation, including simulator use, cockpit practise, and evaluation flying testing.

Because of the British weapons embargo on Argentina, the JF-17 Thunder is equipped with British-made ejection seats by Martin Baker Aircraft Corporation, which will be replaced by Chinese-made ejection seats.

HAL’s commercial offer already includes the suggestion of replacing Martin Baker Seats with either Russian Zvezda K-36DM “zero-zero” ejection seats or Collins Aerospace designed legacy ACES-II ejection seats that are now equipped on F-16 fleets across the world.

The Emergency Escape System Sequences in the aircraft will need to be modified by HAL, which will necessitate recertification trials. Brigadier General Xavier Isaac of the Argentine Air Force confirmed receiving a proposal from HAL for the sale of LCA Tejas Mk1A last year.

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