India’s 5th Generation Fighter Program AMCA Fast Tracked

The Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) project of the Aeronautical Development Agency is prepared to move into a higher gear now that the Indian Air Force has made it clear that it is searching for an indigenous solution to its fifth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) demand. Metal cutting for the titanium bulkhead for AMCA aircraft has reportedly begun.

The AMCA was created to be a “true” multi-role, twin-engine aircraft of the fifth generation, with all of the typical features that go along with that, like sensor fusion, stealth, super manoeuvrability, and super cruise.

The Aeronautical Development Agency estimates that it will have a maximum takeoff weight of about 25 tons and a maximum internal fuel capacity of 6.5 tonnes. Additional fuel for missions may be carried in detachable fuel tanks that are compatible with the internal weapons bay of the AMCA as well as drop tanks that dangle from certain underwing stations.

While this is going on, a variety of weapons are being modified so that they can be carried in the “Internal Weapons Bay.” Examples of such changes would include the usage of foldable fins on glide bombs and air-to-air missiles. Design work is also being done on “eject launchers” for the interior weapons bay. The internal weapons bay’s capacity to carry a mixture of fuel and weaponry will increase flexibility for missions where stealth is a priority as well as operations where it is not.

Furthermore, AMCA Mk2 won’t just be AMCA MK1 with a new engine. ADA plans to use the AMCA Mk2 with some “sixth generation” features, such as the capacity to be optionally manned.


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