Indian Navy to get Desi Project-76 submarines with Desi AIP by 2025

Project-76 : Many people are not still convinced that in a matter of six months there will be a change of heart and there will be different responses after several countries withdraw for various reasons. India’s ambitious plans to build six new conventional submarines with Air Independent Propulsion System under Project 75 India remains stuck due to a lack of response from the Foreign Manufacturers.

Under the Project-76 programme, the Naval Design Bureau is developing a conventional diesel electric submarine with AIP technology. The design phase could be finished in another year and a half. Although it is unclear if Project-76 will take precedence in the event that Project 75I fails once more, these domestic initiatives could lessen the likelihood of the submarine fleet further shrinking.

The Indian Navy rejected the DRDO’s internal design proposal for a conventional diesel-electric submarine. However, Naval Design Bureau has been spotted working on the Super Kalvari Class of submarines, which are based on the French Scorpene submarines currently in service but have been stretched to accommodate an AIP plugin and an additional vertical launching system (VLS) plug to accommodate long-range cruise missiles, giving the new ships a displacement of over 3,000 tons.

The six nuclear-powered submarines (SSNs) are also designed and developed by the Naval Design Bureau. The Navy may choose to start from scratch and use the SSN design and modify it to create a smaller, 3000-ton submarine for the development of conventional diesel-electric submarines.

A 2000-ton displacement ship called the Scorpene is being used by the Brazilian Navy, and France built the Barracuda nuclear-powered attack submarine before offering Australia the Shortfin Barracuda, a conventional diesel-electric variant of the Barracuda class submarine.

Currently, Naval Design Bureau is investigating both design possibilities, but if Project 75 India continues to fail, the final approved design might not be revealed until 2025, naturally after much consideration.

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