Indian Navy has committed to procure 45 Tedbf deck-based fighter jets

In order to replace the Mig-29K deck-based fighter jets provided by Russia by 2035, the Indian Navy has informed the Aeronautical Development Agency that it will purchase 45 Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter TEDBF from HAL when they enter service in 2031.

The initial batch of the 4.5 Generation TEDBF will be utilised to replace the Mig-29K batches, although an enhanced model incorporating the AMCA program’s 5th generation technology will also be installed. The Indian Navy, which had sought to buy 57 new fighters, is now looking to buy 27 deck-based fighter jets. The Rafale-M and F-18 Super Hornets just completed a demonstration.

When the orders for the second batch are placed, TEDBF’s total order may exceed 80. The IAF has not yet said if it will be interested in the programme, despite the fact that ADA has already presented an Air Force model that will be nearly 1.5 tons lighter and lose extra weight on the landing gear and rear fuselage.

IAF has committed to purchasing 108 Tejas Mk2 and 120 AMCA Mk1 and Mk2 fighter jets by 2040, in addition to placing an order for 83 Tejas Mk1A. By 2030, the IAF intends to purchase 114 jets from foreign manufacturer’s too.

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