Indian Army issues RFI for 67 Israeli Surveillance Drone

After passing the aural signature, high temperature, and damp tests and impressing Army authorities in the demonstration trials, Israeli Aerospace Industries is nearly certain to secure a contract for 67 Surveillance Drone bids that the Indian Army issued earlier this year in April. The Wander-B or Thunder-B Vertical Take off and Landing Electric Mini Surveillance Drone developed by Blue Bird Aero Systems, an Israeli company that makes unmanned aerial systems but is supported by Israeli Aerospace Industries, is the only one that appears to meet the requirements, though the report does not specify which Rotary winged drones were on offer.

A surveillance drone with day and night cameras, 4K Cinematic Video Resolution and Full HD Imaging System resolution, an operational endurance of at least 45 minutes, and the ability to take pictures and record videos in temperatures ranging from -5 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius was requested by the Indian Army.

They can also transmit real-time videos. Drones from Israeli Aerospace Industries were found to be most effective around the Indo-Pak border, particularly in Rajasthan, Punjab, and Gujarat. “Fail safe features” such returning to home in the event of a communication failure or when the battery is low were also found to be outstanding.

RFI specifies that this drone’s manufacturing location should be in India, therefore if the contract is signed, it’s likely that technology transfer will take place with a local Indian company.

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