Indian Army-IAF Carry Out Aerial Insertion & Water Parachute Jumps Exercise In Himachal

The special forces of the Indian Army and Air Force jointly validated the aerial insertion and deployment of special forces operatives through water parachute jumps as a part of an ongoing two-day exercise in Himachal Pradesh (HP). In an exercise which is currently underway at Gobind Sagar Reservoir in HP, the joint forces practised aerial insertion and the capability to land on water for rapid response in hostile territory.

Furthermore, the joint operation has fine-tuned the specific drills and procedures to enhance their skills in various conflict scenarios and terrains. Watch the video above to get a glimpse of the exercise by the joint forces: The Armed Forces are known to carry out multiple such exercises to develop the skills of the personnel.

Earlier this year, the Indian Army on March 24 and 25 conducted an airborne insertion exercise and a quick response drill near the Siliguri Corridor, which runs along India’s northern border with China. After being airlifted from multiple airbases, some 600 paratroopers from the Indian Army’s airborne rapid response teams carried out large-scale airdrops near the Siliguri Corridor,” an official said.

“Free-fall techniques; insertion, surveillance and targeting practice and seizing of key objectives by going behind enemy lines were all part of the drill,” according to the official. The Army had then tweeted, “#IndianArmy conducted #AirborneExercise to validate Aerial Insertion & Rapid Response capabilities along #NorthernBorders.

The Exercise entailed airlifting of Airborne troops, large scale drops, rapid regrouping, surveillance of critical targets & capture of objectives.” This was the second such exercise in the area, which is considered to be of strategic significance. The exercise comes in the backdrop of unresolved border conflicts with China, as India’s neighbour continues to ramp up road infrastructure on their side to swiftly mobilize forces.

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