Indian Airforce to deploy LCA Tejas along LAC

To combat increasing fighter aircraft scrambles in the region that have heightened tensions with China on the Ladakh front, the LCA Tejas squadron, 45 Squadron Flying Daggers, located in Sulur, would be sent to the border on the eastern front.

Mig-29UPG and Mirage 2000 fighter jets from the Indian Air Force have been used to oppose Chinese fighter jets that flew quite close to a point of tension in Ladakh. In case it is necessary to respond to any potential enemy action, the IAF has now chosen to deploy Rafale and LCA Tejas Mk1 Squadron.

During its winter trials, LCA Tejas had shown that it could function on its own in temperatures as low as -15 degrees Celsius in Ladakh. Regular scrambles by the Chinese in the region are perceived as efforts to exhaust the Indian Air Force fleet, and the movement of Rafale and LCA Tejas may be interpreted as an effort by the IAF to decrease fleet type operating in the area fatigue.

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