India Navy Receives two “Romeo MH-60R” Anti Submarine Choppers From US

In order to improve its overall combat capabilities, the Indian Navy acquired two of the 24 MH-60R “Romeo” multi-mission helicopters from the US on Thursday. Hellfire missiles and deadly rocket systems will be mounted on each of the 24 all-weather helicopters.

Two helicopters were transported to Cochin airport on Thursday, according to Indian Navy authorities, and a third is expected there next month. In 2021, the US received the first three MH-60 “Romeo” helicopters, which are now being used to educate the crew of the Indian Navy. By 2025, all 24 MH-60R helicopters will have been delivered.

The introduction of cutting-edge mission-capable platforms will considerably improve the Indian Navy’s overall capabilities to engage in anti-submarine warfare. With the delivery on Thursday, the Indian Navy has now received five helicopters in total.

Modern avionics and sensors equip the all-weather MH-60R helicopter, made by Lockheed Martin Corporation, to handle a variety of missions. In accordance with the framework of foreign military sales, India is purchasing the helicopters from the US for about Rs 15000 crore.

According to the Navy, the helicopters will be useful for a variety of tasks, such as anti-submarine warfare, ship strikes, specialised maritime operations, and search and rescue missions.

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