India is getting ready to release Brahmos-NG and Brahmos Extended in 2023

Since 2001, the BrahMos has come to represent India’s offensive firepower, and over the course of the year, numerous modifications and upgrades have been made to increase its firepower and make sure it continues to be the most challenging supersonic cruise missile to be shot down by any air defence system.

In order to increase its firepower, BrahMos Corporation began work on creating a new model of the missile that will start a series of experimental trials in 2023.


The BrahMos Extended is a new variation that can travel at a speed of Mach 4.5, which makes it quicker than the BrahMos cruise missiles of the present generation, which travel at a speed of Mach 3. Additionally, the missile’s range will increase from its present 450 km to around 800 km.

In order to destroy Awacs and Air Tankers while operating deeply within its own air space, BrahMos Extended can also be modified into an air-launched variant that can later be evolved into an Anti Force Multiplier system.

BrahMos-NG, a 1.5 tonne lighter version of the missile system that can be launched from any type of fighter aircraft used by the Indian Air Force, will revolutionise aerial firepower by outperforming all currently used air launched cruise missiles in terms of standoff range while still packing the same punch and speed.

BrahMos-2K, A hypersonic cruise missile that can go faster than Mach 6 is also in development, but it won’t be ready for 3 to 4 more years because BrahMos-NG and BrahMos Extended are now given priority.

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