India has issued a NOTAM for ballistic missile test

For the period of June 6 to 7, 2022, India has issued a Notice to Airmen NOTAM for ballistic missile test in the Bay of Bengal. The specified region is 3300 kilometres long, indicating that it could be an Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile test. The DRDO intends to test an enhanced Agni-IV dubbed Mk2 with Composite Canisters, which will make it more transportable and give it more operational flexibility.

Agni-V was the first to get a canisterised system that was later also integrated into the new Agni-1P Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile program. Agni-IV which was earlier also called Agni-II prime is a 3000 to 4000km range Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile that was last tested in 2018. Agni-IV Mk2 if tested will incorporate not only a Canisterised system but also technologies made to fine tune the Agni missiles to defeat anti ballistic missile systems.


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