HAL will soon manufacture Six Armed Tapas UAVs For Army

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) Chairman and Managing Director R Madhavan recently announced that HAL will begin work on manufacturing the Tapas Bh-201 drone that will be used by the Indian Armed Forces to undertake evaluation trials. The six Tapas Bh-201s that will be produced will be nearly production ready and have an airframe that has been further optimised to meet the requirements stipulated by the armed forces.

Recently, Tapas proved it could fly for 18 hours at an altitude of over 28000 feet, but it still needs to prove it could fly for 30000 feet with a mission-specific cargo before it can move on to production and pass evaluation trials.

Pre-production Tapas still has overweight problems, however to address this problem, the production models’ airframe will be further refined, and extra weight might be cut to adhere to allotted limits.

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