GRSE launched ‘INS Nirdeshak’ to replace ‘Sandhayak Class’ survey ship of Indian Navy

The ‘INS Nirdeshak’, the second of four Large Survey Vessels Projects being built by GRSE in partnership with L&T shipbuilding for the Indian Navy, was launched in Kattupalli, Chennai, to replace the ‘Sandhayak Class’ survey ships. The Large Survey Vessels ships will replace the present Sandhayak Class survey ships, with a cruise speed of 14 knots and a maximum speed of 18 knots.

To acquire oceanographic data, the SVL ships have been outfitted with new generation hydrographic equipment. The Survey Vessel ships can accommodate 235 people and have a deep displacement of roughly 3400 tons.

The hulls of these ships are built of steel that was created locally. Four survey motorboats and an integrated helicopter can be carried by the ship. The ships primary mission would be to conduct comprehensive coastal and deep-water hydrographic studies of ports and navigational channels. The ships would also be used to collect oceanographic and geophysical data for both military and civilian purposes.

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