Features Army wants in Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMVs)

Features Army wants in Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMVs)

Aiming to enhance its operational capabilities, the Indian Army has issued a Request for Information to procure a total of 1200 Protected Mobility Vehicles for high-altitude areas, deserts and plains. Among 1200 vehicles, 500 of them would be deployed in high-altitude areas above 4000 meters or around 15,000 feet spreading across the northern borders.

India has been ramping up its security apparatus in the wake of an ongoing border standoff with China that has already crossed over two years now. The RFI, which was floated on May 12, has sought information from probable vendors for their products by June 10 this year. The Request for Proposal would be issued in November 2022. From the date of signing the contract, the vendor will have to supply the protected mobility vehicles in 12 months.

What is a protected mobility vehicle?

The protected mobility vehicle is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier that provides protection to the troops inside the vehicle from mine blasts or any small arm attacks.

Army seeks the following characteristics:

* It should be a wheeled, 4×4 drive mode vehicle with automatic transmission and facilitate the carriage of at least 10 personnel excluding driver and co-driver.

* The power to weight ratio must not be less than 27 HP/Ton with a payload of 02 tons and ground clearance to have a minimum of 350mm.

* As far as operational characteristics are concerned, it should have minimum STANAG Level II of ballistic protection so that it could be protected from grenade and mine blasts.

* The vehicles must have a maximum speed of not less than 80 Kms/hour on-road and 40 km/hour in cross country.

* There should be a detachable mount for 7.62mm LMG guns. It should also have a minimum of 11 firing ports with five each on the starboard and port side of the vehicle and one at the rear.

* The vehicles should be able to operate optimally at an altitude up to 17000 feet with a full payload of two tons.

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