Embraer offers C-390 Millennium Air Refueller to Indian Airforce

Embraer is in talks with Indian authorities with its C-390 Millennium offering. Company claims medium size, twin engine, jet powered military transport aircraft which if inducted will give the IAF significant heavy lift capabilities.

Embraer is offering it as a Millennium’s multi mission aircraft in air to air refuelling configuration so that it can be used as a mid air refueller and can be of great help to the IAF.

Embraer is open to integrating Indian solutions not only for India but other countries as well. C-390 is similar to the American C-130J in load carrying capabilities that IAF already operates but with a greater range due to its fuel-efficient turbo fan engine.

IAF for a while now has been pushing the Indian defense ministry to procure 6 more C-130J for its operational needs. IAF operates 12 C-130J Super Hercules aircraft, the first of which was ordered in 2007.

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