Embraer offered its turboprop aircraft to India under UDAN scheme

South America’s aerospace giant Embraer will be having talks with potential partners in India and elsewhere over proposals for a new turboprop aircraft, which it could launch in the middle of 2023 that could enter service in late 2027 or early 2028.

Embraer is developing too turboprop variants, the TP70 and TP90 configured in three classes with 50 seats which the company claims can give a new push to the air connectivity in Arunachal Pradesh and Northeast under the UDAN scheme.

Embraer’s new turboprop could have a range of 1,481 kilometers which is less than the current range of the ATR-72 600 but the aircraft will be faster than the ATR series and will have a quieter cabin due to its rear fuselage mounted engines.

Embraer is also keen to offer its Legacy 600 & 650 aircraft that can seat 19 to 37 in airline style seats that might give better passenger capabilities than Made-In-India 17 seater fixed wings civil Dornier Aircraft.

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