Drone Federation Of India With Indian Navy To Develop Indigenous Technologies

In order to support indigenous research, manufacture, and testing of a drone, counter-drone, and related technologies for the Navy, the Drone Federation of India has partnered with the Technology Development and Acceleration Cell of the Naval Innovation Indigenisation Organisation.

The agreement’s main goal is to strengthen collaboration between academia and industry in the Navy. Together, the two parties will address the obstacles to component indigenization in the area of technology development.

In order to assist quicker development and testing of drones, particularly in maritime conditions, an unique maritime drone testing facility shall also be designated for the Indian drone sector.

This will make it possible to construct a variety of applications and programmes on skill development and sensitization as part of this agreement.

“Our collaboration with the Drone Federation of India will help us in developing a deeper industry connection as well as help us create a stronger roadmap for inintroducing drone platforms in the Indian Navy in a time-bound manner,” Cmde A P Golaya, VSM, OiC TDAC, Indian Navy said in response to the association.

Smit Shah, president of the Drone Federation of India, hailed the relationship between the Indian drone industry and the Indian Navy as a proud occasion for the development and testing of improved drone platforms.

The Drone Federation of India is an industry-led, non-profit, non-governmental organisation that supports the drone sector by fostering economic opportunities, building a strong infrastructure for talent development, establishing standards, and encouraging R&D activities.

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