DRDO’s Airborne standoff jammer program for Indian Navy

Following approval from the Ministry of Defence for the design and development of the Airborne Steering Off Jammer programme under the Make-I category of Defense Acquisition Procedure 2020 As part of the nation’s Airborne Standoff Jammer Program, DRDO has begun the process of developing all the communication and radar jammers as well as electronic support measures equipment for the programme. By mid- or end-year, DRDO will place orders for six Bombardier Global 6000 long-range business jets for conversion into standoff jamming platforms.

The Indian Air Force accepted feasibility studies of the programme last year, and DRDO plans to use derivatives of surveillance and fire control radars. The programme will be developed in close collaboration with numerous DRDO affiliated labs that will be involved in the development of its sensor package.

Since many nations have used this platform for the creation of similar airborne jammers, Bombardier will serve as a subcontractor on the project. It may be anticipated that the business can safely complete the basic conversion into special mission aircraft. The proposed airborne jammer program’s configuration has not been made public by DRDO but it is expected to include a sizable canoe fairing beneath the fuselage that will contain the transmit antennas needed to jam radios and radars from a standoff distance.

Additionally, communications hardware and ESM pods positioned on the wing tips will be integrated into the fuselage along with additional sensors. The back fuselage could be improved to accommodate more sensor hardware. With the help of the National Technical Research Organization, the Indian Air Force already runs two Global 5000 aircraft that are equipped with an Israeli-developed SIGNIT system that was purchased approximately 11 years ago (NTRO).


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