DRDO starts work on extended range NASM-MR Missile after NASM-SR Test

NASM-MR Missile Test :

India recently test fired a new helicopter launched anti ship missile “Naval Anti Ship Missile Short Range” or simply NASM-SR which has a range of 55km and weighs 385kg. DRDO has plans to carry out more trials soon of the missile system after the first trial validated its flight profile and its propulsion technology.

Trials planned for the later part of the year will involve testing its active & passive Infrared seeker and its target engagement capabilities. NASM-SR will be very effective against smaller vessels like patrol boats and can also cause widespread damage to larger vessels but DRDO already has started work on its extended variant of the missile, that will have twice the range and will also be integrated into the frontline warships.

NASM-MR will have a range of 110 to 130km and will be carrying a 200kg warhead that can effectively neutralize medium and large size vessels. NASM-MR carriage and release trials of the dummy system might commence by end of this year from the Sea King helicopters, DRDO also has proposed a ship launched variant of the missile system that might be cleared in near future. Developmental trials of NASM-MR are expected from 2024 onwards.

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