DRDO is building a ground based Long Range AESA Radar for surveillance

G Satheesh Reddy, Chairman of the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Secretary of the Department of Defence Research and Development, stated that India will soon have a state-of-the-art early warning and long-range search and track radar, an Active Electronically Scanned Array Long Range AESA Radar with a range of 1000 kilometres.

The first production-ready units of the radar are now being built, and the first unit could be available for trials and testing in 2024. The AESA-based ground-based surveillance radar will be a transportable land-based radar system capable of simultaneously detecting and tracking aerial targets over great distances.

Long Range AESA Radar

Radar will have self-contained, very long-range detection capabilities that are fine-tuned for identifying airborne threats with small radar cross sections and advanced electronic countermeasure capabilities. The radar system’s modular architecture also means that it can be scaled up to several antenna blocks if sufficient power is available.

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