Desi Makila-2B engine for IMRH & DBMRH Choppers

For India’s 13-ton (IMRH) Indian Multi Role Helicopter and Deck Based Multi Role Helicopter (DBMRH) programs, Hindustan Aeronautics Limited and French engine manufacturer Safran Helicopter Engines have essentially agreed to create a bespoke engine based on the Makila-2B engine.

The Makila-2B has a redesigned combustion chamber and high-power turbine blades that enable it to launch with a significantly higher Maximum Take Off Weight under Category A circumstances while requiring less maintenance and offering a longer time between overhauls of 4000 hours.

The most recent Airbus Helicopters EC225e and H225M Caracal are powered by Makila-2B engines. With a takeoff power of 2,101 shaft horsepower and a cruising power of 1,970 shaft horsepower, the Makila-2B is 14 percent more powerful than the 2A. The dual channel FADEC on the Makila-2B reduces the pilot’s workload and boosts mission safety.

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