Defective Chinese Frigates give nightmares to Pakistani Navy

Pakistan inducted Chinese multi role frigates as part of their efforts to strengthen its sea frontiers, however, these frigates are giving nightmares to the Pakistani Navy due to the defective critical components and poor service from Chinese manufacturers.

Pakistani Navy to operate these frigates with degraded operational capabilities, compromising some of the key mission objectives with which these ships were bought at a high price.

At least four Chinese frigates were commissioned in July 2009, are giving nightmares to Pakistani Navy officers, and men tasked to keep them afloat in the turbulent waters of the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean.

After the commissioning of the frigates, the Pakistani Navy found out that the onboard imaging device of the FM90 missile system was defective because of a faulty indication on display. The system was unable to lock on to the target, which in a way, made the missiles ineffective.

These ships were found to be equipped with a defective infrared sensor system and SR-60 radars & defective Sonar systems. Another set of common faults, in the Chinese built frigates was found in its main engines. A critical engine defect has been low engine speed caused by high turbocharger exhaust temperatures on all the frigates.

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