Decontamination Set For BMP-II developed by OFB Medak

In collaboration with HMI Gwalior, OFB Medak successfully indigenizes the Decontamination Set (TDP Set) utilised in BMP-II. The first batch of 60 locally produced sets was delivered on March 26. 1.05 crore will be saved as a result of this every year.
By giving 811 of its licensed-built BMP-2/2K “Sarath” infantry combat vehicles (ICVs) more powerful engines, night fighting capability, and a variety of modern technologies, the Indian Army (IA) began the indigenous upgrade of these ICVs in August 2021.

According to UK’s Jane’s Defence Weekly on August 17, 2021, the force recently sent a project sanction order (PSO) to 12 domestic private and public sector companies, known as Development Agencies (DAs), requesting that they produce a retrofitted prototype within 52 weeks (or by July 31, 2022) for user trials. The classified 12-page PSO indicated that the IA would provide one ICV per potential vendor for this reason.
The lowest bidder, or L1, would then be shortlisted to series update all 811 platforms once at least two suppliers had been chosen from those who had satisfied the IA’s preliminary staff qualitative requirements (PSQRs) for the improved ICVs.

The BMP-2 upgrade will be handled under the Buy Indian-Indigenously Designed, Developed, and Manufactured (Indian-IDDM) category of the Defence Procurement Procedure-2020 (DPP-2020), according to the magazine, which requires a minimum of 50% domestically produced content for the retrofit.

Alpha Design Technologies, Bharat Electronics Limited, Bharat Forge, Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), Larsen & Toubro (L&T), Reliance Defence and Infrastructure, and Tata are among the prospective vendors on the IA’s list. All of these businesses would be allowed to collaborate on the initiative with foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and several of them, according to industry sources, have already finalised their deals.

According to official sources, the upcoming ICV upgrade would equip them with stronger engines to replace their current UTD20/2 300hp power packs, as well as third-generation thermal imager-based gunner and panoramic sights, contemporary fire control systems, and automatic target trackers. The retrofit would also involve updating the platform’s on-board weapon systems, which include a secondary coaxial 7.62x54mm machine gun and a 30mm 2A42 auto-canon with dual ammunition feeds that can fire 9M113 Konkurs wire-guided anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs).

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