Boeing warns India P-8 Production nearing completion

It will be challenging to maintain the current production line in Renton, Washington, outside of Seattle for the aircraft after 2025, according to a recent confirmation from Boeing that it has a backlog for production of the P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft that will keep the production line running until 2025.

The last customer to place an order in 2021 was Germany, and the aircraft are scheduled to be ready in 2024 and delivered in 2025. India’s plans to purchase six more P-8s over the 12 that have already been delivered were cancelled last year due to preference now being given to DRDO developed MMMR Suite designed for the Coastguard and Navy. Talks are currently taking place with Canada and India for new orders. Canada is a new customer.

The Boeing 737NG, which has been used for maritime search and rescue, anti-submarine warfare, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, shares an airframe with the P-8 to the extent of 86 percent. India served as the P-8I Neptune’s first export customer and placed orders for equipment and customizations based on their requirements.

With the 183 orders that Boeing has received, there will now be 150 P-8s that have been delivered to operators worldwide, with 16 more to be delivered to the US Navy, 5 to Germany, 6 to South Korea, and 4 to New Zealand.

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