Boeing is considering selling 60 Apache gunships to India

Boeing, the American aircraft manufacturer, is eyeing massive gunship contracts from the Indian Air Force and Army. Boeing is said to have offered India 60 Apache assault helicopters, which it believes will be needed by the Army Aviation and IAF for three strike brigades. The Indian Air Force has received 22 Apache attack helicopters, while the Army has ordered six more, the body of which will be constructed in India by Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited.

Officials from Boeing have advised Indian Ministry of Defence officials that the Apache and the LCH, or light combat helicopters, are not in competition because they complement each other. According to Boeing experts, Apache can enable and be a multiplier effect for the LCH in the future, as both can be networked together to hunt in packs. The LCH was designed specifically for usage on glaciers and at very high altitudes, but Apache cannot.

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