BDL offers drone armed with ATAGM & bombs

Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022

It won’t be wrong if we say its raining Drones in India as India is celebrating Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022 with participation from many prominent firms such as Bharat Dynamics Limited (BDL), Adani Defense, Zen Technologies etc to name a few.

It is India’s biggest Drone Festival with participation from 70 drone exhibitors. The two day event which was held on 27 May 2022 and 28 May 2022 at Pragati Maidan in the national capital.

While there where many drones showcased during the show, one of the most interesting of them was BDL’s armed quadcopter drone. A similar type of drone was unveiled by BDL during the Dubai Airshow last year as well.

BDL Armed drone at Drone Mahotsav 2022

The Armed Quadcopter Drone showcased by BDL is the small flock of armed swarm drones to conduct saturation strikes over ground targets. It has a unique operating mode where, the done is capable of detecting, evaluating and designate targets by Drone Optronic System. The missile attached with the drone then detects the designated target, locks and homes on the target and destroy it.

The BDL’s drone can launch standoff missiles and drone launched air-to-ground munition of upto 3.5 kilograms. Two different types of missiles was displayed by BDL of 1kg and 3.5kg which is called JISNU-M with semi active laser homing. It can also be armed with an anti-armour missile having a range of 1km with top attack capability.

The quadcopter weighs just 4.5kg and has VTOL capabilities i.e. can land and take-off vertically and can reach maximum altitude of 1.5km.

These drones will be quite useful to perform the saturation attack against SAM systems, armoured column and troop concentration.

BDL Armed Quadcopter Drone at Dubai Air Show

BDL has showed similar capability last year in Dubai air show. The Quadcopter Drone displayed can carrying a 1kg class bomb equipped with a 730gms controlled fragmentation warhead activated by impact. The bomb is 65mm calibre with a length of 325mm.

The drone can also be armed with a 1.5kg precision-guided missile with a range of 1km. The missile uses MEMS-IMU for the mid-course guidance and semi-active laser homing guidance system at terminal stage.

The missile is equipped with a 300gm anti-personal anti-material multi-purpose (HEAT+HEF) warhead capable of striking troop concentrations or soft skinned vehicles.

The quadcopter weighs 16.5kg when empty and 17kg when fully loaded. It has endurance of 45 minutes without a payload and 32 minutes with a 1.5kg payload. It has an operating speed of 36kmph and maximum operating speed of 79.2kmph.

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