BDL-MBDA signs MoU for manufacturing of Mistral missile in India

Bharat Dynamics Limited and MBDA, a European missile maker signed Memorandum of Understanding today in Paris for the manufacture of Mistral Missile in India. Mistral missile is an Air to air missile system For Helicopters Based on the Mistral, a heat seeking missile with fire and forget engagement mode.

Mistral has two launchers, each bearing two missiles and that can be connected to the helicopters combat system, that can be operated within the whole flight envelope of the launching helicopter, at speeds of up to 200 knots and altitudes exceeding 15,000 feet.

Mistral air to air missile is already integrated into India’s HAL Rudra helicopter and Light Combat Helicopter (LCH). Mistral has a maximum intercept range of 6.5km and can be used to take out hostile unmanned aerial vehicles and helicopters.

Under the licensing agreement, MBDA will transfer the equipment and knowledge to Bharat Dynamics for establishing the facility. The facility is expected to commence operations by the year 2022-23.

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