AWEIL Bags Europe Guns Order, E-7 Wedgetail Offer, Army’s Gets Akash Prime, Make In India VSHORAD

Boeing says it has offered E7 Wedgetail to India

Boeing which has recently won orders from the US Air Force for its Boeing E-7 Wedgetail to replace its Boeing E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control (AWACS) aircraft has claimed that India, Japan, and Qatar have shown interest in procuring E-7 and same has been offered to them. Boeing E7 Wedgetail is based on the Boeing 737 Next Generation platform and interestingly aircraft type, that is often considered as direct rival to Airbus A321 aircraft, that India has chosen to be used as a platform to mount the DRDO developed Netra Mk2 Suit for indigenous Airborne Early Warning and Control System program. Boeing 737 platform that is already modified to be used as AEW&C is the only advantage that it has over Airbus A321 which till now hasn’t been modified into an AEW&C platform, and India might be the first customer to do so for its requirements.

AWEIL bags orders from Europe for Artillery Gun Assembles

Advance Weapons and Equipment India Limited, the new defense PSU formed out of Gun Carriage Factory at Jabalpur, has bagged its first export order from a European firm for major sub Assemblies of Artillery Gun. The order is worth 6.04 crores. Previously OFB had exported two 155mm/52calibre barrels to Swedish arms manufacturer Bofors AB, from which it had imported 155mm howitzer guns in the mid-80s. AWEIL developed Dhanush, 155mm/45calibre recently cleared firing trials, after facing some quality issues in initial batches, and manufacturing of the remaining 102 guns that were ordered in 2018, more than 12 were already delivered to the Indian Army will resume in coming weeks.

Indian Army to get two new regiments of Akash Prime air defence missile system

The Indian Army will receive a major ‘Make in India’ solution to boost its ability to shoot down enemy aircraft and drones as it has proposed to buy too new regiments of the Akash Prime missile air defence missiles systems. The proposal is at an advanced stage before the government, and will help in further strengthening the air defence of the country against aerial attacks from both the Chinese and the Pakistani sides.

The development is coming at a time when the Indian Army’s Western and South Western commands carried out around a dozen test firings of the existing version of the Akash missiles in the force. The results have been found outstanding, despite the fact that the missiles used for the test firings had been deployed in an operational role during the recent conflicts.

In comparison to the existing Akash System, Akash Prime is equipped with an indigenous active Radio Frequency seeker for improved accuracy. Other improvements also ensure more reliable performance, under low temperature environments at higher altitudes. A modified ground system of the existing Akash weapon system has also been used. The missile can be deployed at heights up to 4,500 metres and can take down targets at a distance of around 25 to 30km.

Rifles & air defence guns to be now made in India

The decision of the Ministry of Defence to not go ahead with more Sig Saur rifles adds to the list of weapons and equipment that will now be made in India and not imported. The Rs 700 crore repeat order for buying 72,400 more rifles was approved in 2020. It is now held back. Now this will be a make in India project for Indian private and public sector industries.

Earlier in January, the tender for very short range air defence missiles was held back. This was for the Army and Navy. It was worth over $5.2 billion for 5,175 missiles and 1,276 single and multi launchers with technology transfer to the defence public sector undertakings. This will now be open for Indian companies. The programme to get five regiments of Self Propelled Air Defence Gun Missile systems worth $3 billion is pending with a negotiation committee.

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